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As the culmination of their learning experience, students collaborate in teams on an Action-Learning Project. Applying classroom concepts to real organizational challenges provides an immediate return on the learning experience—and delivers a payoff to improve business and clinical performance for the client organization.

Action learning also unleashes a team’s creative thinking and encourages the development of a common internal language around quality, strategy, efficiency, and leadership.

Key Principles
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Employee Vaccination
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through systematic strategy

In response, targeted vaccination clinics were established at the long-term care facility to make vaccination as convenient as possible. Simultaneous with this effort at convenience was a further effort at conversation with hesitant employees as described in the section


Initial Findings

We evaluated the causes of vaccine hesitancy through interviews and surveys of healthcare works, leaders, and staff.


Absenteeism related to vaccine receipt is nota significant problem and vaccine hesitancy is the greatest barrier.


We created an executive playbook to guide healthcare operators through effective creation and execution.

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Our team developed a strategy and playbook for rural healthcare organizations to implement a robust pandemic response.

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To establish a successful vaccination program at your institution.

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